Miracle of giving a fool

Have you ever watched miracle of giving a fool? it' a nice story about love and friendship. watch it..

Sung Ryong is an autis man who lives with Ji In, his sister. In fact, Ji In hates him. He sells toast everyday near to Ji In’s school to earn money. Because of his autism, he always sees the good side of live, he doesn’t care what has happened, he always smiles, that is why his friends love him and need his smile. They know that smile cure everything.
Min Hyok is his best friend since he was at elementary school; Min Hyok loves him so much. He has another friend named Ji Ho, Ji Ho loves him too.
One night, Sung Ryong was waiting for his sister. He waited for his sister near to his toast baker. A sound shocked him and then he put his hand accidentally on his baker, his hand was injured. His lovely friend, Ji Ho cured his injure and wrapped his hand with the bandage.
Then he looked for Ji In and he found she was sick, she needs a kidney donator. The one who took her to the hospital and took care of her at that time was Sung Ryong. For that she realized her brother loves her very much more then she thought. She said, “How did you take such a good care of me. Thank you.’ Since that time, they love each other.
At the same time, Min Hyok fought with a gangster, his hand was injured too. The leader of that gangster was angry with him and he wanted to do revenge.
The day after, the gangster leader called his staff and asked them to kill Min Hyok. However, the staff didn’t know who Min Hyok is; one of them asked to the leader, “how can we find Min Hyok?’ The leader answered, ‘just find a man who has bandage on his hand’.
The staff did the leader instruction immediately; he found a man with bandage and killed him. Unfortunately, the one who they killed is Sung Ryong, he is not Min Hyok. Sung Ryong died in his smile.

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